Welcome to the world of systematic and ultimate technical education. In present scenario technical education is the demand of time. There can be various ways and methods to acquire technical education but at AIIE Academy of Engineering we believe in offering downto earth with sky high standards in providing education in Engineering. The state of art methods and highly qualified faculty members with powerful communication and counselling skills extend best benefit to the student. Your child after high schooling or diploma in engineering can opt for any suitable programme to choose as a carrer and build a personality with high self esteem. Surfing rest of the pages you will discover how can AIIE help your child build a very strong and promising career in Engineering.

AIIE, Sanskrit Building,
Timaliawad, Nanpura,
Surat-395 001, Gujarat, INDIA.

Phone : (0261) 2477911, 2462623.

E-mail : info@aiieindia.co.in

Dear Learners,

I would like to express the sense of gratitude for coming under the shelter of our Academy. It is highly appreciating that at last you have chosen the right career.

You have undergone really crucial situation for selecting the right path of career after SSC, HSC, B.Sc. or Any Diploma.

To-day in the modern world of technology the countries of the world have lost its territorial boundaries. We have established international standard in the field of science and technology by exchanging ideas and expertise. Under such circumstances, technical qualification in any specific branch, gives good potential opportunities for employment and a sound footing in our lives. The professional body of engineers and technician is just like Spinal cord of our modern life to uplift the living standard of the people.

I would like to offer the infinite opportunities in the faculty of engineering to the energetic and ambitious youths of South Gujarat by way of imparting Diploma/Degree courses, equivalent to the courses run by any Indian University or Technical Examination Board of any Indian state.

We assure you to have educating , enriching and rewarding journey. Enroll for better advancement of your career and revive your life with your property.

With blessings and best wishes for an eventful career.

Yours Trully,
Ashok M. Tandel
(Founder Director)

Council Prize (Rs.5,000/-)

It is awarded to a candidate who obtains the highest percentage and completed the Second year of Diploma / Degree Engineering exam in one attempt without exemptions.

Diploma Gold Medal Award (Rs.8,000/-)

It is awarded to a candidate who obtains the highest percentage 70% and completed the Diploma Engineering Courses (Passing all 14 papers) in six examinations taking a period of 3 years.

Degree Gold Medal Award (Rs.10,000/-)

It is awarded to a candidate who obtain the highest percentage 70% and completed the Degree Engineering Courses (Section A & Section B of C. Engineer by passing all 14 papers) in Eight examinations taking a period of 4 years.

Admission OPEN.

Session 2015 for
Diploma and Degree courses
in following Engineering branches.

• Mechanical Engineering
• Computer Science & Engineering
• Electronics & Telecom. Engineering
• Information Technology
• Aeronautical Engineering
• Marine Engineering
• Architectural Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Civil Engineering

Fresh Term will commense
from first week of January and July every year.